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Sock Dock - Never lose socks again!


Are you sick of searching for matching socks?  Then look no further, the SockDock® is here!  The SockDock® is a simple & easy-to-use sock laundry & organizing tool designed to keep socks in pairs while washing, drying and storing, so you NEVER have to sort, match or search for socks EVER again!   It’s the only sock loss prevention AND storage system on the market!

The SockDock is amazing!!  I’m very busy working at the radio station and DJ’ing events so I don’t have much time to find my matching socks after I wash them or dry them…SockDock really helped take away all of that stress because now my socks are always kept together without getting lost inside all my other clothes.  You should definitely try it FRANKIE - Radio Personality Pulse FM


The thing I like about it the most is that each of my kids have their own SockDock, so I don’t have to sort and match each kid’s socks. I just grab the SockDocks from the dryer and hang it in their closets! CHRISTIE


I recently got the SockDock for each of my children. I LOVE it! It makes laundry so much easier by keeping all of the socks in pairs. I hate laundry, but this makes it better!



I love your item!  My husband has many white and black athletic socks.  Although they’re the same socks, they wear differently.  SockDock saves me time and my vision since I no longer have to pair them.  (I still put them in his drawer when clean; I know it’ll save me even more time if I hung them). IVY