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If you would like to raise money for a school, team, group or nonprofit organization….you’ve come to the right place!  

We have 2 types of fundraisers:

1.  OLD SCHOOL LABOR INTENSIVE FUNDRAISER:  We sell you the SockDock® for $7.50.  You can pre-sale the SockDocks, then place an order once you know the total number of orders.  Or, you can buy a certain quantity of SockDocks, then go sell them door to door.

 2.  MODERN DAY ONLINE EASY FUNDRAISER:  Register your Fundraiser Account by clicking the link below (registration takes less than 30 seconds).  After registration, click “Generate URL”.  

Now, post this URL on social media, emails, email blasts, etc.  Ask all members of the organization to share this URL on their social media as well.  When someone clicks the URL and buys the SockDock®, your organization receives 25% of each sale

Click HERE to register!

Here is an example of a social media post:

“Organization X is raising money for new uniforms by promoting the sale of the SockDock®.  We will receive 25% of each sell when you click on the link below.”


If you have any questions, please fill out the contact form!

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